Chairs: Salla Seppänen and Severin Läuchli

Interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration between patients, professionals and policy makers is essential for facilitating good practice and providing continuity of care.

This will be even more important in the future as health care systems throughout Europe have to cope with increasing pressure to demonstrate efficient and cost-effective use of resources to optimise wound care with the help of innovative procedures and practices.

It is imperative that all these perspectives are considered if we are to realise the goal of successful wound management.

The patient, professional, provider and payer perspective is of high importance in wound care as in the rest of the health care system. The question is:  Whose interest is prioritized?

The presentations focus on the barriers, challenges and opportunities that providers, payers, professionals and patients face in modern health care systems. The perspective is further linked to challenges, barriers and opportunities specific to wound care.

The session seek to answer questions and highlight challenges such as

  • Who does the present systems benefit: The system, the professionals or the patients’?
  • What challenges do the patients, the professionals, the payer and providers face?
  • Comprehensive restructuring of the English healthcare system has taken place over recent years, with coordination and payment moving from the Primary Care Trusts first to the GPs and now to Health Care Commissioners. What are the implications to the wound care patient in terms of efficiency and value for money for the payers of the current system?
  • Opportunities and challenges caused by the gradual change of focus away from hospital treatment towards increased use of community care and home care, and the role of e-Health.


 Wednesday 13 May, 10:00-11:30
 Platinum 1-4



  • Salla Seppänen: Introduction
  • Jacqueline Coles: Wound Care - Shaping the future. Patient Perspective
  • Heather Joy: Wound Care - Shaping the future. Provider perspective
  • James Ferguson: Wound Care - Shaping the future. Payer Perspective