eHealth in wound care—from the perspective of the health care professionals


With this symposium, EWMA focuses, for a third time, on the ever-increasing role of eHealth and information and communication technologies (ICT) in health care in general and wound care in particular.

More and more, eHealth is being introduced as an important approach to solve the future challenges that our health care systems will face. eHealth solutions are perceived as essential tools to enable the provision of more care outside of hospitals and to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and communication across units and sectors to optimise continuity of care. What we see now is the rapid development of available technologies with increasing examples of regions and countries where eHealth is already part of routine care. This will forever change the way that care is delivered. The hope is that use of these technologies will lead to more responsive care of higher quality and at lower costs. What is now important is to understand how this can be achieved.

This year’s eHealth symposium will examine the state of the art of eHealth services already in use in wound care and delve into the expectations for future health care systems and the need for organisational changes and shifts in roles of the patients and the health care professionals in relation to implementation of eHealth services. Finally the programme will present some of the recent technologic developments.

The programme will conclude with a wrap up session aiming to highlight main conclusions of the day. The purpose of the wrap-up session is also to generate discussion about ways of moving forward towards large scale deployment of high quality eHealth services in wound care.

EWMA has invited some of the leading experts, researchers, and experienced practitioners within the field of eHealth and wound care to guide the audience through these topics.

Initiates file downloadPlease download the EWMA eHealth Symposium programme here

The EWMA eHealth symposium is held in connection with the United4Health project,

(EU Funding programme: ICT Policy support programme)


Key session: Guidance document on eHealth in wound care

Thursday 14 May, 16.55-17.55

Chairs: Zena Moore & Knud Yderstræde

Remote assessment in wound care: Towards mature solutions and large scale deployment

Friday 15 May, 8:00-9:30

Chairs: Diane Whitehouse & Johnny Frøkjær

Organisational level

  • Results from eMedic project in Finland: Pilot studies on the use of teleconsultations for diabetic foot ulcer patients (Initiates file downloadTarja Niemi, Finland)Initiates file download
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  • Results from The Renewing Health Project: RCT on the use of telemedicine for DFU follow up (Johnny Frøkjær, Denmark)

Large scale deployment:

The health care system of the future – health care without borders

Friday 15 May 10.15-11.15

Chairs: Diane Whitehouse & Peter Vowden

The organisational dimension of eHealth implementation

Friday 15 May 11.15-12.15

Chairs: Stephan Schug & Knud Yderstræde

New technologies - new opportunities

Friday 15 May, 12.30-13.30

Chairs: Stephan Schug & Tom O’Conner

  • The road to adopting e-technology to support improved clinical management of patients with diabetic foot ulceration (Maureen Bates, UK)
  • The SWANiCare project: Portable NPWT device for home monitoring (Marco Romanelli, Italy)
  • Coordination of pressure ulcer care through the entire care pathway: the impacts of new tissue viability measurement technology (Martin Burns, USA)

Wrap up session: State of the art of eHealth in wound care

Friday 15 May, 14.15-15.15

Panel: Johnny Frøkjær, William McGuiness, Stephan Schug, Diane Whitehouse

  • What can be concluded from today’s presentations?
  • How can we use eHealth to promote the aims in wound care?
  • How can we ensure that eHealth implementation activities throughout Europe are run efficiently and with a starting point in the needs of the patient?

About the EWMA eHealth symposium and the United4Health project

The EWMA eHealth symposium is one of the activities that EWMA and The European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) have committed to deliver as consortium partners in the EU-funded project United4Health. The purpose of the eHealth symposium is to disseminate knowledge about various aspects of eHealth to an international audience of health care clinicians in order to shed light on the benefits and barriers related to the uptake of these new technologies.

aims to exploit and further deploy innovative telemedicine services that are already validated or under validation in the Renewing Health project through trials in 15 regions across Europe to guarantee aggregation of data and comparability of results. All service solutions adopt a patient-centred approach and involve telemonitoring and treatment of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD, or CVD.

Services are designed to give patients a central role in the management of their disease, fine-tune the choice and dosage of medications, promote compliance with treatment, and help professionals detect early signs of worsening. The effectiveness of the solutions will be evaluated using the MAST methodology that is increasingly becoming the method of choice for evaluating healthcare projects.

Pictures from the eHealth symposium in 2013