E-poster instructions

  • Requests related to uploading of e-posters 9-10 May

    The deadline for uploading your e-poster is Sunday 10th May (23:59 CET).If you have any problems uploading during the weekend of 9-10 May we refer to the helpdesk:

  • Please note that only E-posters will be accepted for London 2015. No paper posters will be accepted.
  • E-posters are on display throughout the whole conference on multi media touch screens situated in the poster area in the Exhibition hall. All E-posters are available on all screens.






EWMA 2015 Electronic-poster guidelines


What is an E-poster?

An E-poster is an electronic poster displayed on computer screens instead of printed on paper as a traditional poster.

Please review the e-posters from previous years online for ideas which may be helpful in designing your presentation. 2014 E-posters are available Opens external link in new windowhere.


What formats can I use?



Only material in the form of MS-PowerPoint (*.ppt and *.pptx) with a screen ratio of 16:9 can be accepted. Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and animated slide transitions are not permitted for ePosters and will be non-functioning.

Landscape format.



Are there any limitations to the size of my E-poster?

Maximum 5 pages can be uploaded.

You can include the logo of the congress and conference title in the document, without being too visible. Please note, that the header and footer of EWMA are already included on the screen where the posters will be displayed.


How is my poster being displayed?

All E-posters will be displayed during the entire conference in the E-poster area in the exhibition hall. The E-posters will be displayed on user friendly multi media touch screens available for E-posters only. Multiple E-posters will be available on each screen.

Besides being displayed onsite during the conference, all E-posters will be made available for viewing on the conference website up to one month after the conference if accepted by the presenting author.


Search criteria

The E-posters can be looked up by poster number, title, category or presenting author name.


How can I upload my poster?

E-posters should be uploaded before the conference.

Pre-upload must be done via a special link that you will receive by email from the conference secretariat before 1 May. Only authors with a confirmed registration for EWMA 2015 will receive the email that contains your unique ID-number.

Upload must be completed by May 8th 2015

If you have not received an email with your special link by 1 May please contact the EWMA secretariat