International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF)



International Lymphoedema Framework Session

Title: Chronic Oedema and Wounds – an international perspective


  • To consider the relationship beiween chronic oedema and woundsT
  • To discuss an epidemlogical approach to an international problem
  • To discuss oedema as a major risk factor in pressure ulcer development
  • To gain an understanding of the challenge of epidemiology and chronic oedema

The International Lymphoedema Framework

Is an international charity with partners in 16 countries and which is dedicated to working towards improving the management of lymphoedema and related disorders. This is being achieved by:

  • Raising an awareness of lymphoedema
  • Increasing knowledge of lymphoedema through research
  • Disseminating this knowledge through international not-for-profit publications
  • Education programmes
  • International collaboration
  • Conferences
  • Facilitating and contributing to a better access to treatment throughout the world
  • To encourage the Healthcare industry to understand the needs of patients and practitioners and this develop improved diagnostic tools and treatments



About ILF:

ILF: A charity

The success of the UK Lymphoedema Framework in improving the management of this condition in Great Britain has led many international Lymphoedema experts to express an interest in the Framework Methodology and Spirit. This is why Christine Moffatt and her team decided to set up the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) as a charity. The choice of charitable status is a strong message to the lymphoedema community on the ethos and vision that govern the Framework. It is also a guarantee of the independance of the ILF in the ethical use of its resources and its capacity to actively contribute to the improvement of the management of lymphoedema worldwide and especially in developing countries.

We believe that:

  • Patients should always be at the heart of the Framework Projects.
  • Only a collaborative and multidisciplinary partnership between all stakeholders, recognized as experts, can lead to an improvement in the management of lymphedema.
  • Improving the management of lymphedema is a dynamic process requiring ongoing research and implementation into practice.
  • International collaboration is essential.

What motivates us:

"Thanks for your assistance and all the work you have done and are doing to move Lymphedema forward. As a mom with a young child with Lymphedema, you have no idea how much your efforts mean to me."

K.A., Canada

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