International Conference of the Veterinary Wound healing Association

- The Secrets of Successful Wound Closure


Are you a veterinary surgeon or experienced veterinary nurse with a passion for wound management?

Join the Veterinary Wound Healing Association (VWHA) at EWMA 2015, 14-15 May for the cutting edge of wound management science  and practical expertise.

Our theme of wound bed preparation will offer something for everyone dealing with wounds, including the latest ways to achieve debridement, new technologies and the latest research on Biofilms and bacterial resistance in wounds.

Come and join our internationally renowned speakers as we share with you the secrets of successful wound closure.

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About VWHA:

The Veterinary Wound Healing Association was established after the first scientific meeting held at the Royal Veterinary College in December 1996.The Association has the following aims:

  • To promote education and research into the scientific basis and the clinical management of wounds of whatever aetiology in the veterinary sciences.
  • To establish training courses together with national and international conferences to discuss and promote aspects of wound healing research.


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